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Fiji is an island nation in Oceania in the Pacific Ocean and constituted a parliamentary republic. It has no land borders. It is located near Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Samoa, Tuvalu and the Solomon Islands. With an area of 18,274 square kilometers is the 156th largest country in the world and 160th in population with a population of 837,271 inhabitants.

The country consists of two large islands and several hundred smaller. The largest island is Viti Levu, where is Suva, the capital. This small town, administrative and political center, has attractions such as Thurston Gardens, the Cathedral and the Museum of Fiji, but is not the most tourist destination in Fiji. That honor is held Nadi, a town west of the island is characterized by a large Hindu population. The most interesting place to see is the temple of Swami Sri Siva.

Other attractions in Viti Levu are the town of Sigatoka and Nausori highlands, mainly the villages of Navala and Bakuya, where you still live in the traditional way.

Rent a boat in Fiji, the vast majority of tourism comes to the country attracted by its magnificent beaches or activities like diving, but more and more alternative activities offered. Bird watching, hiking or horseback riding and especially sailing and nautical tourism.

Fiji Islands make up the archipelago popularly known as Melanesia, which is composed of 320 islands of which only one third are inhabited. Fiji Islands offer great attractions to the visitor, from paradisiacal white sand beaches and coral islands, to tropical forests and spectacular natural places for a fantastic holiday.

As if that were not enough relaxing, Fiji offers an enticing offer unique when it comes to relaxing options. The most popular treatments in the area are: “Bobo”, the traditional massage Fiji, which is a healing combination of massage and nut oils of the region, the four-hand massage island style Duavata and Thalgo therapy you apply the mud and algae.

It is a place that fascinates for its turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and an interesting culture with a mix of European, Indian, Chinese and local. Explore this territory with unparalleled natural beauty is amazing for its many animals and native plants.

Its warm climate makes it a perfect place to visit all year round. Altogether the archipelago has 332 islands, many islands are so sometimes it becomes difficult to choose which island is the ideal place to stay and visit. Nadi and Denarau are the most popular spots among tourists.

Diving is probably the favorite activity of everyone who comes to the islands of Fiji, as the water is clear and there is a great diversity of marine life and coral reefs.

Fiji Islands are what you expect of them, tropical beaches, clear water, with fish of all colors swimming around the coral, white sand shaded by palm trees full of coconuts … yes, this is Fiji.

Fiji are also famous for the friendliness of Fijians who have been voted by several travel magazines as the friendliest people in the world. No tend to like this kind of feedback, but in this case I could not say otherwise. They are really friendly, smiling people and waiting for you on your island playing guitar and singing and not just for your money, because they are so.

If you are interested in discovering Fiji thoroughly recommend you do it through a boat, rent is much easier and cheaper than it looks. Here I leave a page in which to organize everything.


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